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(26.07.2015 08:38)
I’m glad you all are part of the best MC iN THE WORLD.MLH&R …From South Carolina…USA
(03.07.2015 08:40)
Поздравляю СЕРГЕЯ НИКОЛАЕВИЧА с юбилеем! Многая лета вам!
(15.06.2015 08:42)
Всех братьев с днём мотоциклиста.
(15.05.2015 08:43)
Love and respect to you comrades who represent the colors of red and white! I have been blessed simply to know those few as I do. They do a lot of good for our children and those in need. I love Russia’s people for their tough enduring spirit…
(07.03.2015 07:45)
i’m very loyal and for very long time supporter of HELLS ANGELS motorcycle club. This club is simply the best!
(13.02.2015 07:46)
Hells Angels Nomads Ca
Sending our Love & Respects to our
Russian Brothers
(15.01.2015 07:48)
Just amazing where can I get support gear from??
Have an amazing winter guys..
Your friend Riley
From Thunder Bay Ontario
(05.01.2015 07:49)
Support 81 All The Way from Oshawa, Ontario Canada (Toronto)
(31.12.2014 07:51)
Merry Christmas and happy New Year !!! L&R

official support club 81 world

(25.12.2014 07:52)
C nactupauchem novim godom., I wish to all of you happy new year. All the way froim usa
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