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Welcome to the official website of the motorcycle club


Club was founded by 10 members and prospects of Night Wolves MC – first and one of the most powerful MC in 1980-90 Russia.

Unfortunately the situation was changing slowly but steadily. Original general line was lost and too many people not familiar with moto-culture appeared in the club by chance. At the same time those who were not ok with the situation were leaving. In brief the club, initially contraversing the social stagnation and HAMC-focused lost it’s united role expanding dramatically...

Death Head Night HAMC Hanau

Death Head Night HAMC Hanau

17.09.2016 Barbecue and Good Music 19.00 UHR Am Spitzen Sand ZA, 63477 Maintal

81 Boppard 81 B.H.C Party

81 Boppard 81 B.H.C Party

17.09.2016  West Region Start 20 UHR Anfahrt A 61 Exit Boppard Buchholz 56154 Industriegebiet Hellerwald Hellerwald - Str.9 81 Beschildert Info 0176-31 33 4072

Old Skool Bike & Car Show Ghent 81

Old Skool Bike & Car Show Ghent 81

16/ 17/ 18 September 2016  Zele - Belgium - Lokerenbeeksraat www.GuntosPartyrent.be

Support 81
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Whats meaning of words Red & White?

Red & White - official club colors. Red letters on white background 

Whats meaning of number 81?

This is a metonym, it's use numbers to refer letters of the alphabet. 8 in the Latin alphabet is the letter H, and the 1 - letter A, which together form a HA or HELLS ANGELS

What is MC?

МС – is abbreviation of the Motorcycle Club.


In the guest book to us have written
(02.09.2016 01:17)
Looking at your web,I like it. I'm big and loyal supporter of Hells angels motorcycle club
(29.08.2016 15:34)
(20.07.2016 19:53)
looking at the site web page nice love loyalty 81